painting of kaleab with with mockingbirds painted with coffee and ink on antique paper by Michael Aaron Williams

Bird Series

Coffee and ink on antique ledger pages.

Growing up in East Tennessee I spent much of my childhood (and adulthood for that matter) in the woods hunting and enjoying nature. (Yes, I hunt, it is in my opinion the most ethical way in which to eat meat. I eat venison everyday. It’s the breakfast of champions) From these experiences I have come to find meaning in the simplest of things, and most significant in my art, birds. For example, when I received my first gun as a kid I was told not to kill any mockingbirds or song birds. However, I was told to specifically target blue jays as they destroy other bird’s nests. So from an early age I began to see meaning and significance in these animals that I spent so much time with. The importance of songbirds as beautiful creatures to be protected has been the dominant theme of this aviary series.